Perianal Abscess 15 Days Treatment Course


Perianal Abscess 15 Days Treatment Course

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A perianal abscess is a boil-like lump filled with pus found near your anus, rectum or perineal area (the space between your genitals and anus). It happens when one of the glands in your anus becomes clogged and infected.


There is severe pain in the anal region. Patient is unable to sit in a chair due to severity of pain.
In early phase of perianal abscess, there is just a redness of the skin with tenderness in the perianal region.
Soon a tender swelling appears in perianal region. Apart from having severe pain, the patient might have high fever and urinary retention.

An ischiorectal abscess causes diffuse swelling in the ischiorectal fossa that may involve one or both sides, forming a “horseshoe” abscess.
Intersphincteric abscesses produce little swelling and few perianal signs of infection. Pain is typically described as being deep and “up inside” the anal area and is usually exacerbated by coughing or sneezing.
A submucous abscess might spontaneously rupture with discharge of pus through the anus.

Diagnosis :

The diagnosis of a perianal or ischiorectal abscess can usually be made with physical exam alone (either in the office or in the operating room). Digital rectal examination is very painful and avoided in most of the cases.
Intersphincteric abscesses are notoriously difficult to diagnose because they produce little swelling and few perianal signs of infection. They are diagnosed by high index of suspicion and imaging.
Because of its proximity to the peritoneal cavity, supralevator abscesses can mimic intra-abdominal conditions. Digital rectal examination may reveal an indurated, bulging mass above the anorectal ring.
Submucous abscess presents as aching pain in the anorectum with significant perineal discomfort.
On digital examination (P/R), there is a palpable tender, soft, smooth swelling in the lower rectum and anal canal.
It may be missed clinically as there is no obvious swelling externally.

If you want to be treated without operation then you can Take an Advanced Homeopathic Treatment kit for Perianal Abscess.

Advanced Homeopathic Treatment Course (15 days)

kit Included:-

Pill 1-  6 pills morning daily for 15 days

Pill 2- 6 pills evening daily for 15 days

Dose 1 – 3 bottles (1 bottle in every half an hour)

drop 1 – 15 drops in half a cup of lukewarm water morning and evening after meals.






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