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Gentle Treatment with Natural Medicines

All Homeopathic medicines are prepared largely from naturally occurring substances – plant kingdom, mineral kingdom and animal kingdom. Each medicine is thoroughly proved on healthy human beings to get the most accurate remedy picture.

More than 3000 homeopathic medicines are currently in use and new  Homeoapthic medicines are regularly researched and proved. Homeopathic medicines do not have any side effects, the reason being that the Homeopathic medicines are always given according to the patient’s complete case (repertorization), according to his body sensitivity or susceptibility. The Medicine prescribed in minimum dose which is enough to bring about relief.

Our Free Services in Epidemic diseases

Hoemoapthic medicine can be very useful during epidemics. The remedy that is selected on the symptoms that are characteristic during the epidemic is known as the Genus Epidemicus. Such carefully selected remedies can prevent a person from acquiring the epidemic disease. 

Dr. Gourav Rathore and Dr. Nidhi Rathore distributed free homeopathic medicines during Covid 19 Pendemic. In 2020 and 2021 We Distributed to many people to Prevent Covid-19 infection. Corona infection was not seen in the people to whom we gave preventive medicines.
We also gave medicines to people who already had infections. After taking the case of the patient, a kit was prepared and given, due to which the patient was cured very soon. And no side effect was seen.

Complete Case Studies

Doctor Gaurav and Dr. Nidhi Rahtore taking complete information about the patient’s disease and noticing the old and new symptoms, with the patient’s capacity and mental condition of the body, after repertorizing the case, gives the medicine according to the patient. So that the patient’s disease can be cured from the root.


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