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About Us

Although classical homeopathy is the best method but it is practiced by very few homeopaths. Dr. Rathour’s Homeopathy is one of the best homeopathy clinic in #Neemuch (MP), where the homeopathic doctors are trained in classical homeopathy and offer individualized, holistic care after detail case study and analysis.



Dr. Rathour’s not just treat with the best methods, but also guide their patients about healthy and balanced diet, regular exercise, physiotherapy, and psychological counseling where necessary. Thus providing a truly holistic health care! We try to be your partners in your health! Experience the five-star ambiance and world-class homeopathic treatment services!
Best Homeopathic Doctor in Neemuch (MP)

Doctor Gourav Rathore Neemuch

Dr. Gourav Rathore

Dr. Nidhi Rathore

Best Doctor Nidhi Rathore Neemuch